Comprehensive Tree Care Services

Transform your yard into a green and beautiful garden with the help of Crestview Tree And Landscape Service today! Adam Tranquilli, an arborist is a tree care professional providing planting, pruning, shaping, and removal of trees and shrubs in Summit, NJ.

You can also expect us to provide you with reliable pest control and fertilization solutions. Adam also focuses on the health and safety of individual plants and trees. We have been serving Summit, NJ and the surrounding areas since 1961.
Adam S. Tranquilli

Certified Arborist You Can Trust

Owner Adam S. Tranquilli of Crestview Tree And Landscape Service is an ISA-certified arborist (NJ-0218A), NJ-certified tree expert (#390), a master arborist (#22) and a certified pesticide applicator (#27266A). We're celebrating our 55th year serving in the Summit area since 1961, also serving New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Chatham, Madison, Springfield, Mountainside, Westfield, Watchung, Warren, NJ and the surrounding areas.
As a NJ-certified tree expert, Adam S. Tranquilli has met the eligibility requirement of N.J.A.C 7:3-1 et seq. and successfully passed the certification examination administered by The New Jersey Board of Certified Tree Experts.

Mr. Tranquilli has the training and knowledge regarding various tree services, including tree identification, pruning, planting, removal, plant health care, disease and insect identification and control. We also offer pest control services such as emerald ash borer control programs with Arborjet tree injections, soil testing, fertilizing, cable and bracing.

Adam S. Tranquilli has the credential of an ISA-certified arborist from The International Society of Arboriculture, a professional organization. The ISA-certified arborist credential is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

Hire Our Knowledgeable Arborists Today

At Crestview Tree And Landscape Service, we understand that trees require proper care and maintenance to maintain a proper health. Poorly cared trees and improper tree care practices can lead to an increase in liabilities and a decrease in the aesthetic value, which can affect your property value and an increase in maintenance costs.

Arborists are recognized by the State of New Jersey and are typically members of professional industry associations such as ISA and TCIA. Always confirm with the state website and membership sites before hiring an arborist. Check for proof of insurance.

Get Complete Evaluation of Your Trees and Shrubs

Improper tree care methods may cause you to invest more time and money. A proper evaluation and an explanation of the type of tree work needed for your property should always be presented to you before getting a quote.

Our tree care services include tree and shrub removal, cutting, trimming, pruning and planting. Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff to learn more about our services.
Get FREE estimates on our tree care services. Call us at 908-464-2673.

Emergency tree services are available. Call us immediately!

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